Quick compound, lime and aluminate based, for fixings and anchors

Código: INT.0018

Componentes: 1


Premixed based on hydraulic lime, special sulfur aluminate binders, water retainers, shrinkage compensators and reducers of the water/binder ratio, used for fixing and anchoring, in masonry, connectors, inserts, bars, brackets, grouting of the joints, tacking of lesions. It is a product with accelerated setting and hardening, with setting start at 30 ', end setting at 60' and development of mechanical strength already after 90 'of curing. Particularly recommended in the restoration of period and monumental buildings.

Linee di appartenenza

Certificações obtidas e Regulamentos

Argamassas de rebocos internos e externos - Malta para finalidades gerais (GP)

EN 998-1

Argamassas de rebocos internos e externos - Malta para finalidades gerais (GP)

Argamassa de alvenaria - Argamassa de alvenaria para fins gerais (G)

EN 998-2

Argamassa de alvenaria - Argamassa de alvenaria para fins gerais (G)

EN 998-2


EN 998-2

Características gerais


Conservação: 6 meses


Diâmetro máximo agregado: 0.5 mm


Misturar com água: 23 - 30 %


Não inflamável


Peso específico: 1.97 kg/dm³


Pot-life: 15 min


Temperatura de uso: +5 / +30 °C


Utilizar usando luvas protetoras

Especificações técnicas

Absorção capilar

< 0.50 kg•h^0.5/m²

Endurecimento ao tato

30 min

Endurecimento completo

60 min

Força compressiva após 1,5 horas

> 4 MPa

Ligação de aderência

> 1.0 N/mm²

Módulo elástico estático

11000 N/mm²

Permeabilidade ao vapor de água

≤ 35 _


> 12 _

Reação ao fogo

A1 _

Resistência à compressão aos 01 dia

> 13 MPa

Resistência à compressão aos 28 dias

> 20 MPa

Resistência à flexão aos 28 dias

> 6 MPa

Resistência à flexão em 01 dia

> 4 MPa

Cores disponíveis

- Cinza claro

Embalagens e dimensões

- Saco 25 kg

- Pallet: 50 x (Saco 25 kg)


The particularly fine constituent materials allow adequate anchoring even in the presence of a small space between hole and connectors. By mixing ANCHORSANA FIX with different water contents, the product passes from thixotropic consistencies (23% water) to fluid gel consistencies (30% water), allowing any type of anchoring, from overhead to inclinations towards the bass. The product does not contain resins and solvents and can also be used indoors, subject to the usual precautions necessary when handling materials based on alkaline and irritating powders such as lime (use suitable personal protective equipment, such as gloves and protective goggles).


Approximately 1.6 kg of ANCHORSANA FIX for each cubic decimeter of volume to be filled.

Campos de uso

Fixing and anchoring, in masonry bodies, of rigid connectors, jib connectors, inserts, bars with improved adherence, anchors. It develops great adhesion on materials of different nature: metal, fiberglass, basalt.

Preparação dos suportes

Blow with compressed air and forced suction of the housing holes. The application surfaces must be clean, free of dirt, moving, crumbly and incoherent parts, dust, etc., suitably saturated with water until reaching the condition of "saturated with dry surface".

Modalidade de uso

Pour about 2/3 of the mixing water into the mixer; gradually add ANCHORSANA FIX and the water still required, continuing to mix, until a homogeneous, lump-free mixture of the desired consistency is obtained. Apply with a trowel or by casting. The mixing water indicatively required is equal to 23% by weight for thixotropic doughs, and to 30% by weight for doughs with a plastic-fluid consistency.

Métodos de aplicação

- Espátula

- Vazamento

Limpeza de ferramentas

- Água

Suportes admitidos

- Rebocos

- Betão

- Argamassas cimentícias de cal e mistas

- Tijolos

- Tufo

- Paredes mistas

- Paredes com tijolos furados

- Paredes de pedra

- Betonilhas de substrato

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