Powder additive for cement conglomerates

Código: ADX.0274

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Fluid CR is a powder additive for pourable concretes, grouts and mortars, formulated with microlysyls with pozzolanic activity, hyperfluifying additives, expansive additives and special anti-segregation polymers. Mixed together with water and the anhydrous components of cement conglomerates (aggregates and binders), it significantly increases their performance, improving both fresh and hardened characteristics.

Linee di appartenenza

Características gerais


Diâmetro máximo agregado: 0.3 mm


Conservação: 12 meses


Não inflamável


Peso específico: 1100 kg/m³

Especificações técnicas


< 1.5 %

10 - 30 %

Cores disponíveis

- Cinza

Embalagens e dimensões

- Big bag 1000 kg

- Pallet: 50 x (Saco 25 kg)

- Saco 25 kg


The addition of the Fluid CR additive allows the improvement of various characteristics of the conglomerates, both in the fresh state and in the hardened state.
• drastically reduces the water/cement ratio;
• makes the mixture anti-washout therefore advisable, often indispensable, in castings in the presence of water (both fresh water and sea water) inside the formwork;
• avoids segregation and bleeding phenomena (separation of the mixing water);
• improves the workability of the casting, both in plastic and fluid consistencies, reaching self-compacting workability;
In the hardened state:
• increases the mechanical performance in compression, bending, traction, abrasion;
• drastically decreases the porosity, increasing the compactness of the casting and the impermeability, arriving at realizing, with suitable mix designs, intrinsically waterproof concretes;
• increases the chemical-physical resistance and consequently the durability of the conglomerate;
• the slightly expansive characteristics, induced in the conglomerates by the special additives contained in the formulation, allow for the drastic reduction of shrinkage phenomena and the prestressing of the reinforcing rods.

Fluid CR is perfectly compatible and synergistic with all our metallic and/or synthetic fibers of the READYMESH line. The introduction of Fluid CR in fiber-reinforced conglomerates increases the meshing between fiber and matrix, enhancing the mechanical performance induced by the fibrous components.

Fluid CR is perfectly compatible and can be used with all types of Portland, Pozzolanic, Blast Furnace or Composite cement available on the market.

• Expansion opposed with dosages > 30 kg/m3 (UNI 8147): > 0.01%
• Increase in mechanical resistance: 10-30%


From 15 to 80 kg/m3 according to the foreseen uses.
Recommended dosages:
• castings for industrial floors: from 15 to 30 kg/m3
• castings for structural reinforcements: from 15 to 50 kg/m3
• castings with anti-washout characteristics: from 40 to 80 kg/m3

Campos de uso

Packaging of concretes, grouts and mortars:
• low water/cement ratio;
• rheoplastic-rheodynamic;
• inherently waterproof;
• anti-leakage and free from segregation and bleeding.
Application fields:
• industrial floors;
• structures in contact with groundwater or sea water;
• underwater jets;
• structural reinforcements by encasement of nodes, beams and pillars in reinforced concrete;
• masonry reinforcement;
• sub-foundations and platings with slightly expansive characteristics.

Modalidade de uso

Fluid CR must be added to the dry components of the conglomerate (binders and aggregates), together with the mixing water. In concrete mixing plants it is recommended to introduce the additive after or together with the introduction of the aggregates and before the introduction of the cement. After adding the product, provide for adequate mixing in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture without lumps. Adjust the mixing water according to the effect of reducing the w/c ratio induced by the formulation.
As far as setting times are concerned, Fluid CR is considered a neutral additive, i.e. it does not involve changes to the normal setting and hardening times of the concrete in which it is inserted.

Métodos de aplicação

- Adicionar a outros componentes.

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- Água

Suportes admitidos

- Betão

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