Epoxy primer impregnating and consolidating, in solvent

Código: SYN.0039

Componentes: 2

Aspecto: Líquido

SYNTECH PRIMER EP-S is a two-component solvent-based epoxy resin, specifically formulated for the impregnation and consolidation of medium-porous substrates, including wet ones. It is applied on cement conglomerates, stone materials, wood, etc. preliminary to epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylic cycles.

Linee di appartenenza

Características gerais


Utilizar usando luvas protetoras


Produto a base de solvente


Utilizar usando óculos protetores


Temperatura de uso: +5 / +30 °C


Conservação: 12 meses


Pot-life: 90 min


Peso específico: 0.9 ± 0.05 kg/l

Especificações técnicas

Permeabilidade ao vapor de água

> 50 m

Resíduo seco

40 %

Determinação de densidade

0.90 ± 0.05 kg/l


~ 25 mPas

Permeabilidade ao CO2

> 50 m

Absorção capilar

< 0.1

Endurecimento completo

24 h

Adesão por tração direta


Cores disponíveis

- Âmbar

Embalagens e dimensões

- Balde 10 kg [A]

- Balde 10 kg [B]

- Kit: 1 Balde 10 kg [A] + 1 Balde 10 kg [B]

- Kit: 1 Lata 1 kg [A] + 1 Lata 1 kg [B]

- Lata 1 kg [A]

- Lata 1 kg [B]


Approximately 350 ÷ 400 g / m2 of SYNTECH PRIMER EP-S per coat, depending on the porosity and irregularities of the substrate

Campos de uso

SYNTECH PRIMER EP-S is used as an adhesion promoter on porous substrates in concrete, stones, etc. for: epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylic paint cycles; epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylic flooring; surface consolidation of porous supports; consolidation and waterproofing of external flooring; dustproof treatment.

Preparação dos suportes

The support on which the epoxy, polyurethane or methacrylic system is to be laid must be suitable for withstanding the stresses resulting from the intended use, such as static or dynamic loads, impacts, thermo-hygrometric expansion, vibrations etc. As regards the characteristics of the substrate (maximum humidity, cohesion, strength class, flatness, etc.) and the preparation of the surface that will accommodate the resin system, we recommend the requirements set out in chapter 5 of the UNI 10966 standard ("RESIN SYSTEMS FOR SURFACES HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL - INSTRUCTIONS FOR DESIGN AND APPLICATION "). In any case, carefully clean and degrease the surfaces, removing any kind of dirt, paint residues or incoherent parts. The humidity of the support must be <= 4%. Evaluate the most convenient type of mechanical preparation (shot peening, sandblasting, hydro-washing, etc.). The surfaces must also be free from discontinuity, and possibly leveled and regularized with products from the FLOOR line or the REPAR line or grouted with SYNTECH AS 21. In the event of the presence (even suspected) of humidity deriving from capillary rising from the substrate, it is recommended to apply the SYNTECH PAVIDAMP epoxy resin for "wet bottoms" beforehand. Tiled floors, or floors covered with pre-existing resin, must be subjected to mechanical roughening carried out with shot blasting, milling, bush hammering, etc., until the total elimination of the waterproof crust and the opacification of the surfaces. Remove dust after abrasion.

Modalidade de uso

Mix the components each in their own container before mixing. Pour component B into component A and mix for 3 ÷ 5 minutes with a drill and disperser at low speed. Avoid taking partial quantities from the packaging to avoid any errors in the ratio that would cause incorrect hardening.
SYNTECH PRIMER EP-S can be applied by brush or roller. On particularly absorbent surfaces, apply SYNTECH PRIMER EP-S in 2 coats.

Métodos de aplicação

- Espátula

Limpeza de ferramentas

- Diluente para resinas

Suportes admitidos

- Betão

- Madeira

- Pedras naturais

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